CTC Union


CTC Union Technologies, founded in 1993, proactively designs and manufactures telecommunications, data communications, networking, and IP surveillance products for a global market. With technologies based on PDH, SDH, DSL, Ethernet and Optical transmission, CTC Union can effectively meet the requirements of voice and data carriers in deploying last mile applications.
With the increasing demands for security products world wide, CTC Union invested R&D resources to setup a new development group specifically for network based digital surveillance products, starting in 2005. By leveraging their existing core technologies and network management expertise, CTC Union has developed a complete IP surveillance monitoring solution with product lines of H.264 network cameras and digital video servers, megapixel cameras and network video servers.
As services such as voice and multimedia are moving to IP based technologies, carriers have found that their core networks can be operated more effectively and economically if the public switching networks are migrated to a next generation IP based networks. Fully in line with this world wide trend, CTC Union in 2009, became a member of the MEF (Metro Ethernet Forum) whose main goal is to provide interoperability standards for
carriers and manufacturers to smoothly deploy Ethernet solutions from core networks to Last-Mile. This proactive thinking will allow CTC Union to continue developing solutions for today and tomorrow’s markets.